Copier and Printer Paper Standards

The College currently purchases both departmental and copier paper from W.B. Mason Company, Inc., based on current market price for the commodity on a per carton cost. The paper specifications are as follows:

  • WB Mason 100% Recycled - Various sizes
  • WB Mason 30% Recycled - Various sizes
  • Aspen 30% Recycled - Various sizes

Important: Keep paper used for Copier MFD's separate from paper used for departmental printers.

Paper normally used in offices is typically paid from individual department budgets and can be ordered in the same manner as other office supplies; use item numbers CAS054901, CAS054904RM, CAS054907 and HAM86750 for your selection choice. This paper should be ordered in the general WB Mason catalog.

The cost of paper used in Copier MFD's is already included in the monthly charges to departments on a cost per copy/print basis. This paper can be ordered from the OPS WB Mason paper catalog.

If you have any questions on ordering procedures call the Purchasing Department at ext.2041.

Ordering Paper Supplies...