Thank you.

Thank you to everyone who invested in our unparalleled community of learning. Your investment in our work and our students — particularly during this moment of change and renewal for the College — ensures that future generations will continue to think openly, engage deeply and go forward boldly.

During the 2021–2022 fiscal year, 9,366 alums, family members, faculty, staff, students and friends of the College made gifts and pledges to Mount Holyoke totaling $50.6 million.

This impact, by the numbers:

  • $8.86 million in support of a variety of destinations via The Mount Holyoke Fund.
  • 8,529 alum donors with 28% alum participation.
  • 4,463 alums gave $1.6 million to The Mount Holyoke Fund for March4MHC, bringing the total to a record-breaking $2 million thanks to the generous $400,000 match.
  • $1.34 million for scholarship aid and the student safety net fund via The Mount Holyoke Fund.
  • The Meet the Moment initiative was completed, finishing with $41.5 million raised for endowed financial aid in less than two years. This resulted in 79 new scholarship endowments, additions to 21 existing scholarship endowments and a permanent Student Safety Net Fund.

Because of you, Mount Holyoke forever shall be.