First-Year Seminars

The First-Year Seminar Program welcomes students to Mount Holyoke College, inviting them to join in the pleasure of an intellectually adventurous education in the liberal arts. In these small, discussion-based seminars, students work with faculty to achieve the first Learning Goal of the Mount Holyoke Curriculum, which will form the foundation for your education here: the ability to think analytically and critically by questioning assumptions, evaluating evidence, and articulating well-reasoned arguments.

We will be offering more than 33 courses this fall, across every division of the College. We are excited to find the right match for you! Some recently offered First-Year Seminars include “Happiness and the Good Life,” “Disaster Science,” “The Politics of Inequality,” “Black Dance Culture,” “Cinema and the Brain,” and "Explorations in Restorative and Transformative Justice."

This required course is limited to new students, and we will send out First-Year Seminar selection information on May 18, 2022 via email. Before online advising week, you will know which First Year Seminar you are enrolled in and you can then build your first-semester schedule around it. Don't worry-- the College has worked with academic departments to make sure other popular first year and introductory courses are NOT offered during the same time slot as these seminars.

Those entering post-first-year, as transfer students or as Frances Perkins scholars, are exempt from the requirement if you are transferring in with sophomore status or higher.

My very best wishes as you embark on your college career this coming fall!

Jennifer Jacoby, First-Year Seminar Director